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Hi and welcome to my website for video downloading from my favorite social network Vkontakte (means 'In Contact'; aka Trying out some new approach.. A wise site told me that I shouldn't put too much text here, as it will somehow make me unwittingly overaccentuate stuff.. That I shouldn't make you read something I wouldn't read.. So let us go ahead.. Well, what can my website do? Here you go:

Download VKontakte videos has lots of great videos, amazing music videos, live broadcasts, news, everything. It's one of the leading social networks in the world. So my site here helps download videos from VK. - Simple & Easy.

VK downloader that works

As many sites out there say they do it, but comes to check they don't work, I decided to make my own VK video downloader that is guaranteed to work. Check it out, it's amazing. I mean, you're already here..

Download live VK streams

VKVid can even download live streams from Well, TBH, just chunks of live streams, 15-20 seconds chunks. To record live properly need many servers.. Maybe some day.. Wait till live is over to record it..

Unlimited, fast & secure

There's no limit to what my site can do with videos. Or was it no limit to download speeds and stuff.... Ghm.. In any case, https secure browsing + no tracking makes it even more fast. Enjoy!

How to use VKVid to save videos?

Here's how to use to use my website in 3 simple steps, explained more detialed below:

  • Step 1. Find video you'd like to download. Copy its URL address from internet browser or mobile app.
  • Step 2. Open my site, paste video URL you copied into the white search box on top and hit GO button.
  • Step 3. Now you can select video quality and download exactly what you want with many options offered.

How to copy video page URL address?

Seems easy so far, right? Some users find the first step a bit confusing. The idea is simple there. If you see a video and want to download it, you need to tell us what video that is. To do so, you copy this video's URL address to tell us where to find the video. Depending on your system and device, it can be as easy as 2 taps or 2-4 clicks.. So if you are using a normal desktop with Windows, you can right-click in the browser address bar and select Copy from the menu. Using browser on mobile device, you can tap in the address bar and select Copy icon. In VK's (native) android app, and even on the website accessed with browser, you can always find Share icon or button. Well, that one usually offers ways to share this video. There's always Copy Link in there. Also you can right-click video and select Copy Link, and hit Copy. Or if you are mobile, tap and hold the video until men shows up, then act accordingly.. Any and all of these methods will accomplish same result - copy video link into your device's clipboard.

With video URL copied and ready to be used, head on over to, right click in the white box and paste video URL in there. Hit GO, select format you want, and download video from VK. Below is a quick diagram that shows all 3 possible methods of getting link.

how to copy video link, 3 methods diagram

Get videos faster with shortcut

Here's a browser shortcut aka bookmarklet. What is does basically when you click it, it sends you to my website and brings the page URL that you were on along with you. This way you don't need to copy-paste the video. It's a simple line of code that does this annoying part for you. If you frequently download VK videos, this maybe a great help for you, since you won't need to partake in the URL hassle.

Download with VKVid

If you like my site, I recommend this button for faster in and out thing. Drag and drop the button to save it to your bookmarks. Or you can copy link, and create new bookmark and replace its URL with the one you copied.. Mobile bookmarks are really annoying..